Individual Stipend Program

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Here is an important education benefit available to KP employees through the Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust!

Are you currently enrolled or planning to attend a professional or technical career advancement program?
If so, you may be eligible to apply for a stipend to pay for up to 8 hours/week of lost wages to provide time for class attendance and study.

What is a Stipend?

A 'stipend' is replacement income that is paid directly from the Trust to you, provided you meet certain criteria. Stipends are available for class work or study of up to 8 hours a week, up to $16,000 per employee (lifetime benefit). Your manager must approve all time off in order to participate in this program.

Am I Eligible for the Individual Stipend Program?

Please note: If you are a registered nurse seeking a stipend for your Bachelor of Nursing (BSN) degree you must apply through the RN to BSN Program.

Stipend Program Basics

The Individual Stipend Program Maximums and Minimums” document is available to you to share with your manager and your timekeeper.

What must I do to earn the stipend?
After your application has been approved, you earn the stipend by reducing your regularly scheduled KP work hours by a maximum 8 hours per week (16 hours per pay period). The reduction in your work schedule is to provide time for class attendance or studying.

Do I have to use the maximum 8 hours each week?  Do I have to take all 8 hours on the same day? Once I begin receiving the stipend, do I have to reduce my KP work hours each week, continuously?
No. The schedule for reducing hours can be as flexible as needed, and should be worked out collaboratively between the participant and his/her supervisor.

Must the stipend hours be on the same day or at the same time as the class?
No. However, the stipend hours must replace hours that were previously scheduled for work.

Once you begin utilizing your stipend benefit, there is no minimum number of stipend hours required to remain active in the program. The program is designed to be flexible so stipend hours can be used to the greatest effect on an individual basis, while still being able to adapt to changing operational needs.

  • Participants do not have to report/use any stipend hours each week to remain active in the program.
  • Participants do not have to report/use 8 hours (or a full shift) at a time.
  • Participants may report/use smaller chunks of stipend time each week, or spread several smaller chunks of stipend time throughout the week.

If I reduce my KP work schedule so that I can claim the stipend, can I pick up extra hours or shifts?
The stipend program is intended to provide time off for study and class without the participant losing income. It is not intended to provide additional or supplemental income. Further, picking up extra hours negates the benefit of having the time off. We monitor excess KP Paid Hours for possible abuses.

What if my supervisor says that he/she needs me to work on one of my days off?
We recognize that on occasion operational needs require some flexibility and in those cases extra hours can be worked. In no case can stipend hours be claimed for hours that were worked.

How much in stipend payments is available to me?
The lifetime maximum for this program is $16,000. The number of hours that you can reduce and get paid the stipend will depend on your KP pay rate.

Once my application has been approved am I guaranteed to receive the full $16,000?
To receive the stipend you must be in a qualifying educational program, be attending school, and reduce your KP work schedule. You do not qualify to continue receiving the stipend if you:

  1. Change schools or programs
  2. Don't reduce your KP work schedule
  3. Fail to complete the bi-annual renewal process
  4. Go on a leave of absence
  5. Do not have the minimum KP paid hours
  6. No longer have the support of your supervisor to participate
  7. Transfer from an eligible union position to a non-represented position
  8. Are in a non-qualifying union position
  9. No longer work for Kaiser Permanente
  10. Do not show continued significant progress in your education program
  11. Fail to meet other requirements determined by the Trust and regional coordinators

What if I run out of stipend funds before my educational program is over?
You may not receive more than $16,000. You may therefore wish to ration your use of the stipend so that it is available when you really need it. You should work closely with your supervisor to schedule your time off, and your career counselor to determine how to receive support throughout the lifespan of your academic program.

How will I know if I am getting close to the maximum?
The Trust will send out an email warning when we make a stipend payment that puts your total paid to date over $15,000. That email will tell you the approximate number of stipend hours you have still available as of that date. You will be expected to monitor the remaining hours from that point, and make arrangements to resume your pre-stipend work schedule as necessary. Most stipend related information and requests are sent out in emails. Be sure to check your email regularly to avoid missing important and time sensitive communications. We use the preferred email address entered on your stipend application.

Who do I contact with questions about the Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust?
We can always be reached by phone at (510) 625-6329, or via email at Use this contact for general questions or questions about reporting stipend hours or stipend payments.

For any questions regarding the status of applications or bi-annual renewals contact Rapheal Gavin at (510) 625-5772 or Please provide your Employee ID# or Stipend Application# for faster response.

For questions about eligibility or Trust policy, contact Lynda Wagner at (510) 625-6397 or

Individual Stipend Process Workflow

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